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Here I am, facing something I'd dreamed of
but never thought could touch me
in a way that's so real
Suddenly, I'm surrounded with everything
Showing me a light that I can feel

Special, yes we are, for now I know
that I am you and you are me
Special, is when we know
another world behind what we see

Now I am a different man with a purpose
Finding out about the puzzle
and my part of the whole
With you here I can hear all the music
and realize the true sound of my soul

Special, nothing is
The only special thing is everything there is
Special, is when we're out of time & space
at one with what is

Up and down and round and round no fear passes by
And all is clear on how to reach the top
'Cause in our mind I've truly found the power to fly
And I don't want to stop!

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