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She didn't know it and I couldn't show it
Something was happening, you see
the effect the girl had on me
Such innocent beauty, seen only in movies
An indirect sensual appeal
the effect from this girl is so real
Definitely she's gotta be what I've waited for sometime
And now the dreams are showing all the signs
I always knew that she was out there and would somehow be mine

Baby's got a magical spell on me
She doesn't know it I'll make her see

In depth so romantic, this feeling's fantastic
The thought of her being so near
It's so good it even brings some fear
And when I see her all I want to do is hold her right
But when it comes to make the move I get tight
Somehow I must keep cool and get the groove
to look in her eyes

I know with conviction she's one-in-a-million
That moment of luster has come into my life with her

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