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You're With Me*

Some people say: "It's a foolish game
Starts with a spark then you lose the flame"
But since we started it gets better everyday
We'll keep the fire burning and show 'em how to play

Some people say: "It's a bit passe
Fit for before, there's no need today"
No one can tell us there's a place for what we're in
'Cause any two will always need this
in what ever time they're in

Every dream I find myself in
Any thoughts that come - you're with me
Anywhere I find myself in
Alone or with someone- you're with me

Some people say: - "It's a fairy tale
Where all works out but in real life fails"
Then it's a movie they'd find us playing in
The plot gets even better, They should focus in
Every movement that I'm makin'
Any time of day- you're with me
Any sounds I keep on singin'
All come 'round to say': - "you're with me"
Some people say: - "You can't be free

Why be tied up? There's more to see"
And what is left of me in this world to do
Will only have a meaning if living it with you

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