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Who Are You

Tell me who you are
and what is this that you bring out of me
I've known you before and something scares me so Tell me who you are

It all feels too right, this constant high with no "middle of the road"
And if one extreme
eventually brings the other,
are you the exception?
I've got it "bad", for beauty I see
in all that you say and do ...
Things that before
would have passed me by
What am I gonna do with you?

Tell me who you are
and why you've walked into my life right now
There's a purpose here and nothing's scared me more Tell me who you are

Ooh I'm in deep
The signs aren't clear and voices can't be heard !
If I came out of this shell
and really looked at us
do you know what I'd see?
But I'll take the chance, surrender myself
though something tells me to wait
Deep down we might be too alike
What are you gonna do with me?

Tell me who you are and what is it
that you bring out in me
We've known this before...
something scares you so
Tell me who you are
Who are you?

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