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True Freedom

I've finally found me my getaway
Of traveling light years
without ever leaving this place
It's way beyond what words can say
But shows reality isn't of time or space

I'm finally finding out what I am
And has nothing to do with
who I think I've been so far
I'm finding out that you're what I am
And everything is a part of
just who we are

It's time to find true freedom
to feel what it means to see

I've finally found me my getaway
Keeps slowing the heart while it always
keeps calming the breath
And when I throw all the thoughts away
It's then I know with conviction
that there's no death

I'm gonna sit back and let it ride
And feel the power and poise
that chills the spine
Things start to click when I let it guide
With reassurance that everything's a positive sign

I'm gonna find true freedom,
cover my eyes and let them see
I'm gonna stop my mind to find true freedom
Finally hear what's outside me
I'm gonna take the time
to find true freedom
To feel what it means to see
I'm gonna fix a gaze to
find true freedom
finally get inside of me

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